He…makes intercession for the transgressors. ~Isaiah 53:12B


            With Easter we remember that Jesus lives.  He died for our sins, rose from the dead, and lives today at the right hand of his Father.  At the end of Isaiah 53 we are told that he, the Servant of the Lord who is Jesus, makes intercession for the transgressors.  We are those transgressors.

            To make intercessions is to speak to someone on behalf of another.  An attorney does this in court on behalf of his client.  A mediator does this when resolving a conflict between two individuals.  Jesus, we are told, does this for us. 

            The book of Romans tells us that Jesus stands in Heaven making intercession for us.  First John also says that Jesus Christ the Righteous is our advocate with the Father.  The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus is our high priest who understands our weaknesses.  Jesus is our representative even now in heaven.

            What does this mean?  First, no one can accuse or condemn us if we are in him.  The Devil is the accuser, but he cannot speak against us because Jesus proclaims that we are his and have his righteousness.  Our standing with God is secure because of our advocate.

            Secondly, we are invited to approach God boldly in prayer thanks to Jesus.  We come with his righteousness and his testimony that we belong to him.  We are empowered by him to speak directly to the Father in prayer without any other mediator or priest.

            Thirdly, we are always confident of God’s forgiveness and restored relationship when we repent of sin.  This is the point of 1 John 2:1.  When we sin, Jesus proclaims that we are forgiven, and we have confidence in our relationship with him.

            It is a great blessing to know that Jesus lives forever to make intercession for us.  His work as our advocate did not end with the resurrection but continues into eternity.  Jesus will never again face death, we will never be without our advocate, and so our standing and righteousness as God’s people saved by grace is forever secure.  Praise the Lord!

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