Pass It On Ministries

Pass It On Ministries is a Ministry of the Beaver Community Church. Church members volunteer their time and
resources to meet the needs of our local community through the resources of a Food Bank as well as a low
cost Thrift Store. It is our hope that Jesus is glorified through this ministry and that families can
experience His love as they walk through the doors of this ministry each week.

Food Pantry

677827Pass It On Ministries was founded to provide food for needy families in the South County area of Tillamook County. Most of our donations come from the
Oregon Food Bank, but we also have items donated from Safeway, Fred Meyer, the Community Garden and other generous local families.
The food pantry also provides Thanksgiving Baskets, etc. during holidays when things can be especially difficult for struggling families.

Thrift Store

5173139To help supplement the food pantry’s needs, we have a thrift store open 3 days each week. The income from this thrift store goes directly back into the expenses for
the food pantry. Donated items are available to local families for a discounted rate. Other local churches have also generously organized coat drives, blanket drives and fashion shows to raise money and provide for the needs of local families.
It is our prayer that God be glorified and his love shine clearly as we minister to families in our community through Pass It On. 


If you would like to donate to this non-profit organization, please contact the church office at (503) 398-5508 or e-mail us at for further instructions.  You can find out information on when donations are accepted HERE