Unwavering Love

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.  ~1 John 3:1a


            God’s love is amazing!  God has expressed his love by sending his only begotten son into this world to take on a human nature to die in our place for our sins.  Furthermore, God has not simply forgiven us, he has adopted us as his own children!  We are his dearly loved, bought at a price, children!  Best of all, because God does not change, his love for his people does not fail.  If Jesus is your Lord, then you are dearly loved by God himself! 

            Of course, it is difficult for many people to fathom unwavering love.  If this love seems far-fetched, then consider the love mother’s have for their children.  Most mothers love their children before those children can return any benefit or show any emotional response of their own.  From the womb, mothers love their children and are intensely protective of them!  As those children grow, they may become unruly, get sick, and they may even rebel at some point!  In spite of this, it is recognized by all as a shocking turn of events when a mother does not love her own child. 

            A mother’s relationship with her children may go through many ups and downs and her love may be imperfectly expressed, but a mother is usually the last person we expect to stop loving us.  In all of this, mothers, however imperfectly, reveal something of God’s love for his children. 

            Apart from merit or ability, God chooses to love people.  Apart from personal goodness, God chooses to love his people.  When we were his enemies, he chose to love us.  He loves us without gaining any true benefit from us.  He loves us in an unwavering fashion.  Our mothers prepare us to understand this by reflecting this love for their children.

            If your mother helped prepare you for God’s love by loving you well, give thanks to God for her and thank her as well.  If you had the tragedy of an unloving mother, remember that mothers only dimly reflect God’s great love at the best of times and rest in his love which she was supposed to reveal.  In all things, give thanks to God for his perfect, unwavering, freely given love.


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