Blessed God

The blessed God… ~1 Timothy 1:11

The blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords… ~1 Timothy 6:15b


            In studying the Bible full thought units are key!  We read full sentences within paragraphs in the context of books to understand meaning.  Generally, it is bad practice to take partial sentences in studying the Bible.  The two partial sentences listed above, however, are significant for the very reason that they are said in passing and are not part of a formal argument of the broader passages!

            What is assumed in these short phrases?  That God is blessed.  This is a wonderful truth that we gloss over because we think we know what it means.  In Ephesians 1 we read, “Blessed be the God…”  In this passage the Greek term “Blessed” means “Be praised.”  This is generally what “Bless” means when we read about God being blessed.  In the 1 Timothy verses, however, a different word is used which very simply means “Happy.”  God is the Happy One.  It is incredible that this is said in passing, without argument, and is simply assumed!

            Looking at the rest of the Bible we find that the Father and Son delight in each other along with the Spirit.  There is joy in the inner life of God.  There is delight in that inner life.  Apart from creation, God is happy in himself.       

            The impression is sometimes given that God is perpetually displeased, eternally miffed, or always slightly grumpy if not downright angry forever.  It is true that God enacts judgment and hates sin, but anger and brooding are not central to the inner life of God.  Instead, we find that God, in himself, is eternally happy.  Delight and joy are a part of his life and flow outward to his people.  Blessedness is a part of the inner life of God and so to be in his presence is to find perfect happiness forever. 

            I appreciate this truth about God.  It reminds me that grace, mercy, and joy are not foreign to God but are a part of his happy existence.  I find hope in knowing that the God I serve is eternally blessed, that this is not threatened by human sin, and that I will live with him forever in a perfected world.  Praise God that he is eternally blessed and that we will, one day, join in his perfect blessedness!


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