"Preaching God's Word &

                         Loving God's People"

A local church is a visible expression of God’s one universal church formed by him as he calls people to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  As a community formed around faith in Jesus and the word of God, we believe God desires us to be a certain kind of people.  Though always imperfect, as a church, we strive to be the people who… 

Glorify God Earnestly This is our highest calling in life as individuals and as a church and so we strive to make much of God in every way we can.  Glorifying God comes naturally to people who…..

Love God Passionately! God is the absolutely perfect person who is good in every way.  To know him truly is to love him as the one who first loved us and who displayed his love by sending his son to save us from our sins and to grant us eternal life and a relationship with him.  In this relationship of love we desire to please our Heavenly Father as we make much of him and so we…

Pursue Holy Living, Love, & Unity We are made entirely righteous in the courtroom of God when we come to faith in Jesus, but our lives are not perfected.  We spend our lives on this earth growing in our lived experience of holiness as God works in us.  He works in us through many means including our fellow Christians in the church.  As a church community we believe we are to love what God loves beginning with our fellow Christians!  We are committed to growing in our love for one another through fellowship and service.  In all of this, we pursue God’s ideal of being unified as a church.  As a community committed to holy living, love, and unity we look to the world and…

Proclaim Salvation Actively! To come to the Father through the Son is an incredible gift.  Salvation is the great need of those around us.  Therefore, out of love for God and for people we proclaim the good news of the gospel actively looking for every opportunity to speak it and adorn it with good works in the trust that the Spirit works through our proclamation. 


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