Seeking Christ

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.  ~Genesis 2:24


            Here are the very first instructions for marriage given in all of scripture.  These instructions are explicitly directed to men.  What are they?  Men are to leave their families of birth to go to a wife.  Finding a wife, those new husbands are to hold fast to them!  Husbands are to cling to their wives in love and to take responsibility for the relationship.  Men seek, leave to gain, and then hold fast to their wives.  What do we see of Christ in this aspect of the picture of marriage?

            While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  Christ is the good shepherd who seeks out the lost sheep.  Christ is the woman of the parable searching for the lost coin. Christ came to seek and to save the lost.  Christ is the man leaving in order to gain his bride.  He is the one who seeks us and who calls us and who persuades us.  He is the one who brings us to salvation.  He works in many ways, some of  which we may not even perceive, but when we find ourselves coming to Christ for salvation we can affirm that he has sought us rather than the other way around.

            Moreover, Christ is the one who holds us fast.  He is the one who keeps us to the very end.  As Jesus says, he will not lose one of the people the Father has given him.  No one will snatch his found sheep from his hand.  Through all the struggles of life and moments of doubt, Jesus holds on to his people.  Do not fear the future because Christ, the bridegroom, clings to his wife.

            Thirdly, the two become one.  In salvation, the life and righteousness of Christ become ours.  Our sin becomes his and he pays the price.  In salvation it is given to us to share in the resurrection life of Christ and to share in his victory over sin and death.  Our lives are now hidden with Christ.  We are one with him.

            This is the gift of God pictured in marriage.  Our great and loving Lord left home, sought his bride, the church, keeps her, and is one with her.  Let marriage remind you to give thanks to God for this great gift.  Let marriage remind you that you are loved by Christ who seeks and saves the lost.  Let marriage remind you that Jesus will hold onto you until the end.  Have peace as you remember Christ’s love.

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