Steadfast Love

Praise the LORD!  Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! 

~Psalm 106:1~


            God is good!  The rest of this Psalm recounts the faithlessness of God’s people and his constant mercy and faithfulness to them.  In spite of faithless people, the Lord remains faithful.  His steadfast love endures forever.  He does not change and so his people are loved and kept by him.  He is good.

            When a certain man called Jesus “Good Teacher,” Jesus responded by declaring that God alone is good.  In an absolute, unqualified sense, God is good.  He has no darkness or shifting shadow in him.  He has no inner conflict with unrighteous anger or sinful desires.  When the scriptures say that God cannot lie it is not describing a weakness but the glorious reality that God is never even tempted to lie because he is truth.  God, as we see him revealed in the Bible, is truly, perfectly, gloriously good.

            This means that his every plan for his people is perfectly good.  We experience hardships and we may wonder what God is doing, but we can trust that his purposes and methods are ultimately good.  Even the evil of our world finds a purpose in his perfectly good plan as he works all things for the good of his people.  We can trust that we will one day stand in awe of God’s perfect goodness as we look back over the sweep of his plan and work in our lives.  In the meantime, we trust his goodness in all things.

            Secondly, we never have to fear knowing God more as if we might find a flaw.  He is perfect in goodness.  The more we learn of him and understand him, the more we will stand in awe of his goodness and be moved to give thanks.  One of the marks of God’s people is that they give thanks to the Lord for all his goodness expressed in every aspect of life.  We do well when we cultivate an awareness of God’s goodness by referring every good gift back to him and giving thanks.  Not only do we begin to see how blessed we are, we grow in our appreciation and love for our gloriously good God. 

            Our God is good.  With the Psalmist, praise him and give thanks!  Know that his love endures forever and that you can rest in his goodness as one of his children saved by faith in Jesus.

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