Sunday Mornings at a glance


You are invited to join us at Beaver Community Church for our Sunday Service! If you are checking us out for the first time, we wish for you to feel right at home in our intimate worship times. We are a Bible Teaching community who gather to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ in word, in thought and in deed. Our prayer is that all of our services and activities glorify God and encourage His people to live faithfully for Him. We pray that you will experience the love of God as you join with us in worship, teaching times and friendships. We can’t wait to see you Sunday morning!! For phone number and address with directions to the church click here

SUNDAY  Worship

Sunday mornings are special as we encounter God together. Our services begin at 11:00 AM

We understand that visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating so here is a little break down of our service so you can be prepared and more comfortable at your first visit.
As you walk in, you will be greeted by one of our ushers. Feel free to ask for a visitor’s welcome packet from him/her.
The services begin with a call to worship in song followed by some announcements to keep everyone informed of upcoming events. We try to keep this short so as to move into our corporate worship time. After which, we spend focused time on the Bible and how the passage applies to our living then we close with a few songs. After service you can visit or just hang out with friends.
We are a church that encourages family worship however we do CHILDREN’S CHURCH for children who are potty trained to 2nd Grade. Every 5th Sunday of the Month we have FAMILY WORSHIP HOUR where all ages worship together. 


Sunday school is for all ages and begins at 10:00 AM

Preschool students, ages 3-6 learn the scriptures in a fun and active way that is appropriate for their developmental stage. The aim is to familiarize them to God’s Word and authority for living using the Reformed Heritage curriculum by Great Commission Publications.
Our younger elementary students are learning how the Bible fits together from Old Testament to New Testament using the Gospel Project
Our Junior High class is working on understanding the big concepts of the Bible using the Reformed Heritage curriculum by Great Commission Publications.   
Adults are encouraged to attend Sunday school as well.  While the worship hour focuses on exegetical preaching, the Sunday school hour for High School students and adults focuses on basic systematic theology.  A twenty minute teaching time is followed by a twenty minute question/discussion time where all questions are welcomed.  The goal of this class is a growing Christian worldview and big picture understanding of the Bible- and how it directly applies to our daily choices and living. 


Every first Sunday of the month, we have a potluck-style dinner following the morning worship hour. Forget to bring food? Join us anyway!