The Treasure of God

He who finds a wife find a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.  ~Proverbs 18:22

Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, a lovely deer, a graceful doe… ~Proverbs 5:18

            We return again to the theme of marriage as a picture of Christ and his church.  The Proverbs have much to say about marriage and often exhort husbands and wives to godly character.  However, when speaking directly about marriage, the Proverbs most clearly speak to husbands about the blessing of a good wife.  One who find a wife finds a good thing, something to be desired.  A good wife is an expression of God’s favor on a man.  Moreover, husbands are reminded and called to rejoice in their wives. 

            Though we see many cases in scripture and in modern life where husbands fail to cherish and delight in their wives the Bible is very clear that a wife is a gift to be treasured. 

The Song of Solomon is often understood to picture Christ and his Church in the form of a bride and groom.  This being the case it should not surprise us to find the bride praising the groom and delighting in him.  After all, Christ is supremely good and Christians are called to praise him!  What is surprising in this image is that the groom lavishes praise on the bride.  He clearly delights in her and treasures her.  She is a delight to him. 

More than a picture of authority, marriage is a picture of delight and love.  More surprising still is the reality that the majority of biblical statements exhort husbands to treasure, to cherish, and to love their wives.  As a picture of Christ and the church, God is concerned that we understand and get marriage right and he directs most of the direction to men to be loving. 

It seems clear that Christ loves his blood bought people.  He cherishes his people and delights in them.  We are not slavishly earning his favor nor are we merely tolerated by our Lord.  Rather, we are loved and cherished by him and can rest secure in his favor.  Take a few minutes to reflect on the blessing of unearned and unblemished love and then give thanks to the Lord who has so chosen to love people like you and me.  If a Christian, then know that you are dearly loved by the Lord. 

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